Find a Good Boss, Not a Good Job!

Today I’ll share my own story about how I got my dream job and finds a good boss and what you should do and look for your dream job. So let’s start!

Few days back

A few days ago I was hanging around to find the location of a scheduled interview and I remembered the sun’s rays during that day were too spicy.

I got a call for an interview from Sharjah, UAE. It was a successful interview by the grace of almighty Allah. I received an offer letter within a few hours and finally started working.

Finding a good boss, is it such a big deal?

Finding a good boss may be more important than finding a good job. Meanwhile, a good boss is someone who has tasks to do and responsibilities to take care of more than the other employees.

He is not just the decision-maker, but also the teacher, mentor, and leader of his employees. As it is known, companies prefer to hire people who can fill their immediate needs.

Not just this, they’re also looking to hire people who could be able to serve the company 5-10 or even 20 years later.

In sum, companies don’t expect you to be inactive, but they expect from you otherwise to be active by your plans and ideas, especially while economic growth.

“I found a great boss, truly an inspiration to his staff. His strong leadership skills, along with the support and dedication he showed to his team. I feel lucky to be a member of his team.”

Case Study:

There is a recent study that shows 63% of employees prefer to have a good boss rather than salary raises.

Indeed, bosses are often the main reason for people either loving or leaving their jobs, and it’s so important to have a good boss rather than working at a good company and having a big salary at the end of the month.

The reason why is because he can enrich your experience and make it so much better.

Jack Ma once has said:

“A good boss is better than a good company. A good boss would discipline you, train you and develop you.”

Therefore, it’s time for companies to realize that money and perks will not keep employees while having a bad boss.

How to find a good boss?

As I have already mentioned, it’s so important to have a good boss rather than working at a good company or having a big salary at the end of the month. Working for the right boss or the wrong one can make a huge difference in how you feel working for that company.

Therefore, one of the keys for job satisfaction is the quality of the relationship between the employees and their supervisors. It’s better before diving into the details to know what a boss is. So, how can you find a good boss?

  • The boss of a company is the decisions’ maker and the one who hires employees, as well as leading them. Keep in mind that you don’t have to accept a job offer if you feel that the debate between you and the person you will be working for doesn’t seem right.
  • When you go to work for a company, make sure that you’ll work for someone with the right skills and the one who will enable you to be successful on the job, in addition to your personality that has to mash, not clash with your supervisor’s personality.
  • As their minds are quite busy with success in the interview and taking a job at the end of it, the candidates don’t care enough about their prospective supervisor.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to accept a job offer right away, you can otherwise ask for more time to rethink about the offer before you accept or decline it, as well as take time to assess your new boss.

So, before you accept the offer, make sure you take the following steps that’ll improve the odds that your next boss is the good one:

  • Make a Criteria List;
  • Meet with Employees if Possible;
  • Check with Your LinkedIn Connections

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