Improved Tab Management and Color Themes, Google Adds New Features for Chrome

Google has announced a new set of tweaks for Chrome, which include improved tab management options, and a new way to add color to your Chrome background.

This will make many Google Chrome users very happy. 

Tab Management

First off, on tab management – Google’s adding a new pop-up note on each tab to help you make sense of what you have open when they’ve been compressed too much to see (i.e. you’ve opened too many tabs to even know what you’re supposed to be looking at).

“If you have so many tabs open on your laptop that you can’t read the page titles anymore, you can now preview your tabs by hovering over them with your cursor. For now you’ll see the page title, and soon you’ll see a thumbnail of the page too.”


Color Themes

And Google’s also adding some more color to its Chrome options. Soon, you’ll be able to customize your Chrome appearance settings with a range of different shades and tones. 

“If plants and nature help you relax and unwind, change the background of your new tab page to a floral design. If you draw energy from the color yellow, use Chrome’s new color customization tool to change the color of your entire browser to the shade that brings you bliss.”

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