BE AWARE! Anyone Can Hack Your Social Media (Facebook) Using This Technique

Ever Wonder how someone hack your facebook account. You are giving away your social media login details to the hackers without knowing. But after reading this blog you will get an idea of how your facebook is being hacked. How you are giving your login details and tips to save yourself.

Let’s Begin,

How It Works?

It’s a simple trick that most people are not aware of. In their ignorance, they end up giving their details to the hacker or a friend how is messing with you. So how this technique works? Hacker sends you a link of dummy page which looks similar to the original page of social media. For instance, someone wants to hack your facebook then he’ll send you a link of dummy facebook page and try to hack your account. Which will look exactly like the original facebook page.

Or he can send you a link of page which will say add likes your photos. Or add likes to your page, log in. This page will look as follows:

Similarly, it can be a dummy page of Instagram. It can grow your Instagram account or get followers something like that. Victim thoughts that he will get free Instagram followers, he logs in. And puts his login details which leads him to a blank page. On the other hand, the hacker gets your login details. In this, you people are giving your login details and not having a clue about it.

How They Do It?

So, the question arises, how they do it? They create a dummy page by copying the source code of the facebook page and the;y send its link to you and you log in considering its original page. Another simple method is that there are many websites that will make you a fake page. You just have to copy the link and send it to the victim. One of the websites is Z-Shadow. You just have to sign up and copy the link of the page and send it to the victim. When he logs in you will get his details.

After signing up you will get a page as follows. Now click on the English button in front of the facebook icon copy the link and send it to the victim.

How to save yourself

Check your connection details (URL), It should be HTTPs or Secure

Never attempt login or signup if the page shows HTTP or Not secure status in URL

Last but not least Always go to or

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