Skype and its Key Feature, Everything You Want to Know

Skype is telecommunication, which is especially helpful for voice calls and video chat between mobile devices, computers, smartwatches and tablets using the internet. Users can enjoy a quick messaging service with it. Users can also share audio, text, images, and videos using it. It also enables users to make a conference call.

    “Skype has 660 million users overall in the world”, it was exposed in a report in 2010. Three hundred million active users every month, as of August 2015 and thirty-four million users are active at the same time, revealed in 2012.

Latest Features

  • Video Calling: It enables the users to enjoy the HD group video calling, with call reactions.
  • Call Recording: Users can also record some particular moments in Skype call. It also provides a capability for users to record vital meetings with special ones in a Skype call.
  • Find Within Conservations: If someone wants to search for special conservation, just type a phrase or word in the search box, the conservation will be shown.
  • Find Chat Media Gallery: Users can search for photos shared in particular conservation by clicking the gallery under the particular chat. It does not matter that you send or receive the photos one day ago or a week.
  • Screen Sharing: Screen sharing is one of its key features. With this, users can share their screens with one another whenever needed as while online shopping or collaborating with someone.

Skype For Windows

      It released several versions for windows. There is only one desktop application since 2003. For Windows phones, a mobile version for windows is also available. It released a version for windows 8 the same as for windows phone in 2012. In July 2015, one more modification made for windows users and now users can download the desktop version of the application. Skype 11 is the latest version for windows. Users can use it on windows 10 related systems together with Microsoft Hololens, Xbox One, and Windows phones. In 2017, it was upgraded to Skype 12.9. In this latest version, some features are both added and removed. Skype is the latest version for Windows desktop.

Skype For Android

     Most of the users arrange many calls over Skype and Skype makes it easy. Now it enables the Android users to add their planned calls to the calendar, so they do not forget about them. The users can already make a schedule of calls on it using Outlook, but now they can make a schedule in Outlook from it. Moreover, users can open Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations received by others in group chats. Users can open the file by just taping without any extra step. If someone does not have the Office apps for android, tapping on the file will instruct you to download and install them. The latest released version for Android is Skype

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