How To Remove WhatsApp Temporary Ban

Ever Wonder Why “WhatsApp is Temporarily Banning” Users. In this blog, we will explain why WhatsApp banned any account and how to remove WhatsApp temporary ban. From the last March, WhatsApp started banning its users for a short interval of time called “Temporary Ban”.

Only implemented on some users who were using unofficial versions of WhatsApp like WhatsApp Plus. There could be many reasons for the temporary ban. The most obvious reason is using unofficial apps like mod APK.

To avoid banning move to the official WhatsApp. According to the WhatsApp, users who are been temporarily banned will eventually lose all their chat history. If they don’t move to the official app soon.

According to the WhatsApp, they are forcing users to migrate to the official app due to security concerns.

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Third-party apps and modded versions of WhatsApp like GB WhatsApp, Whatsapp Plus and YoWhatsApp which move chats data between phones, pose a major security threat.

It violates the terms of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus is the most popular third-party app.

These unofficial apps are developed by third parties and voilates our terms of services. WhatsApp doesn’t support these third party apps because we can’t vadialte their security practice
WhatsApp Developers

How to overcome this problem

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If you are facing the temporary ban issue, migrate to the official app and backup your chat history. Backup your chat on the third-party app and restore it on the official app. Exact details are available on the WhatsApp FAQ page.

WhatsApp has been trying for a long time to get rid of all the third-party apps and moves its users to the official app.

These modded versions of WhatsApp uses the same Standard Android API’s certificate issued by Google. Last year the company has sent legal notices to the developers of the third-party apps and revoked their license to access the WhatsApp services as they are concerned for the security of users.

According to the WhatsApp users facing temporary ban issue, if don’t migrate to the official app soon, they will be permanently banned. Now you know how to remove WhatsApp temporary ban.

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