WhatsApp Upcoming Features

Whatsapp is working on many new features which we hopefully see in the upcoming updates. But it’s not sure when we’ll see these updates. Whatsapp developers are working on these features for a long time.

1. Multiple Device Login

whatsapp on different devices

Currently, WhatsApp don’t allow you to log in to multiple devices and if you try to login to the second device you’ll be logged out from the first one. But in the upcoming update hopefully, we’ll see this feature. This feature is in beta testing. The exact date, when this feature will be live is not known. This feature will allow using the same WhatsApp on cross-platform. For instance, you will be able to use the same WhatsApp on your iPhone, Android, web, tab, etc. Although it’s not confirm whether it will sync data in multiple devices like a telegram.

2. Disappearing Messages

whatsapp settings

WhatsApp is working on the disappearing messages feature that will allow you to delete all your messages after a fixed interval. The tipster said that the interval you see will be of 5 seconds and 1 hour. It means after this interval your messages will be deleted from the chat. It is not known that this feature is also available in private chat or in group chat only. You will be able to access this in the group settings.

3. Dark Mode

dark mode on whatsapp

We are hearing about this feature for a long time but still, it’s not available. This feature is in beta testing for a long time but still not available for everyone. It may be available it the next update or maybe not. Can’t say anything about when we will be able to use this feature. Twitter has also launched dark mode about which you can read here.

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