PS4 is The Second Best Selling Console

Competition in the gaming consoles industry has increased at its peak with the launch of the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii and Xbox one X. In this tight environment of competition, sony has managed to achieve another milestone. According to the latest reports, PS4 is the second best selling console outselling the original PS (PlayStation) console. PlayStation exclusives has a major role is PlayStation sales.

According to the earning reports of sony 2.8 million, PS4 consoles have been sold in this year. And if we add it to the earlier 100million sale of ps4. We will get the figure of 102.8 million which is greater than the 102.5 million sale of the original PlayStation console. These figures are also greater than Nintendo’s Wii console.

For those who don’t know PS4 (PlayStation 4) was launched in 2013 and updated in 2016 to provide the ultimate gaming experience to the gamers. The PS4 updated version, PS4 Pro also includes 4k streaming.

So the question arises does the sales also include the ps4 pro sales. The answer is Yes these figures are of both ps4 and ps4 pro combined.

Even though 102.8 million sales of PS4 and PS4 Pro over the past six years, it still can’t surpass the 155 million sales of the PS2


PS4 (PlayStation 4) cycle is almost over and the sales are dropping. Now the players are waiting for the launch of PS5 which is confirmed to arrive in 2020. According to the rumors, you will be able to play all your favorite titles of PS4 on the PS5. PlayStation exclusives are one of the factors which include in the selling of PS4.

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